Beneficial Reuse of Sediments

Location: Montgomery, County, MD
Project Completion Date: July 2016
Client: Montgomery County, MD Department of Environmental Protection
Carylon Operating Company: Mobile Dredging & Video Pipe

Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection operates and maintains Lake Whetstone and Gunners Lake to provide storm water management for adjacent residential communities and for recreational and aesthetic purposes to be enjoyed by County residents. In 2014, it was determined that sediments had to be removed from the Lakes in order to maintain their capability to receive storm water runoff while also allowing for their continued recreational use. Mobile Dredging & Video Pipe Inc. (MDVP) was contracted by the County to dredge the sediments from both lakes, dewater the material and transport the dry product to disposal and/or beneficial reuse sites.

Utilizing an 8-inch cutter suction head dredge, sediment shaker screens, clarifiers and belt filter presses, MDVP removed and processed approximately 34,000 cubic yards of sediment from both lakes. Lake Whetstone was completed in 2015 and the equipment was then moved to Gunners Lake for completion in 2016. The material from both lakes was transported to a local site where it was beneficially reused as a cover material and soil amendment.  In consideration of work being performed within a residential development at each site, the County’s contract specifications contained a number of provisions regarding daily working conditions and lake water quality. Small staging areas within the residential communities were utilized by MDVP for equipment to dredge and process lake sediments and then restored to prior condition after the dredging/dewatering work was completed.