Project: South Benson Marina – Fairfield, CT

In 2019 Mobile Dredging & Video Pipe, Inc. (MDVP) was awarded a contract to increase the depth of the entrance of the channel at the South Benson Marina Channel in Fairfield, CT., due to shoaling. The project was challenging as the Town of Fairfield required the dredged material to be placed on Jennings Beach adjacent to the channel, while at the same time leaving protected coastal plant life undisturbed and keeping marina vessel access open. MDVP was able to rise to this challenge through proper planning.

Dredging was started in November 2019 and was completed by the beginning of January 2020. MDVP utilized a 10” Ellicott 370 dredge to remove an initial 21,000 CY, which was pumped to Jennings Beach behind a berm line, where a CAT D5 bulldozer spread the material. MDVP was awarded a contract extension to remove an additional 3,000 CY of material and finished the entire project ahead of schedule and under budget.

The depth of the channel was increased to the required elevations and material from the channel had been placed within the template along approximately 1,300LF of shoreline on Jennings Beach without disturbing any protected plant life.

Brian Carey, Director of the Town of Fairfield Conservation, stated that he and the town were very pleased with the performance and professionalism of MDVP.

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